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Many Americans living overseas are busy with everyday expat life. Making time for expat adventures in your new country is part of the experience. Perhaps you have immersed yourself or family in learning a new language, culture, and indulging in traditional foods. As a US citizen or resident alien, the IRS requires you to uphold your tax filing obligation. Yes, many US expats do not realize that when you relocate overseas the IRS still requires you to file US taxes. Many US expatriates find expat tax returns to be a lot more complex. Independence Expat Tax, Certified Public Accountants, CPAs are experts with expat taxes. 

Do you feel like you are in a face-off with your US income taxes or the IRS? 
​Working with a Certified Public Accountant is beneficial when filing your US expat income taxes. Most states require the equivalent of a Masters in Accounting, a set number of years of experience, and completing a CPA exam that most agree are more challenging than passing the attorney bar exams. Furthermore, the IRS recognizes CPAs as some of the only professionals who may represent clients before the IRS, comparable to attorneys. 

Why should I work with CPA that specializes in US expat taxes?
Let say you had a problem with acne. Now you would not go to a cardiologist for an acne problem, right? You want to work with someone that is an expert in the field. CPAs that specialize with US expat taxes are specialists in the field with the knowledge and education involving the complexity of US expat taxes. 

Certified Public Accountants that specialize in US expat taxes CPAs are valued in the industry for their technical skills. They are also required to practice according to a high ETHICAL standard. Furthermore, our CPAs maintain continuing education on the latest US tax rules for ex-pats. This is extremely important since many expats experience tax related life changes. 
At Independence Expat Tax we make filing US income taxes abroad seamless and refreshingly simple. Schedule a conversation today with our Certified Public Accountants. Visit us on our website or bio. 

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